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Your donation of $55 will buy a life-saving water filter kit that will provide clean water every day for over 50 people!

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Here's how you can help!

We have worked out a special deal with the Sawyer Company, producer of high quality water filters... to purchase inexpensive water filter kits and distribute to people who have no access to clean water in Tanzania Africa!

These water filters along with two 5 gallon buckets, (or any type of water holding vessel) can filter any surface water available into pure clean drinking water.... up to 500 gallons per day! That's enough clean water for drinking, cooking, laundry and bathing for over 50 people!

Life Saving Clean Water... where none was available before!  WE WILL PERSONALLY DISTRIBUTE THESE IN AFRICA TO THOSE IN MOST NEED!

These filter kits include a handheld drill bit for securing the holes in the buckets, along with an in-line water filter from Sawyer that will create clean drinking water out of the muddiest, impure surface water available. We have personally demonstrated these kits in Tanzania with water that looked like you wouldn't wash your car with. Imagine the faces of the children when we, the "wazungu's" from America gulp down a glass of water from a muddy watering hole after it's been run through the water filter.

Did you know?

*Some 1.1 billion people in developing countries have inadequate access to clean water, and 2.6 billion lack basic sanitation.

*Another 1.8 billion have access to a water source within a mile of their home - but not in their home. They consume around 20 liters of water per day!

*In the UK, the average person uses over 50 liters a day flushing the toilet, where average daily water usage is around 150 liters per day!

*The highest average water use is in the United States where average use is around 600 liters per day - PER PERSON!

Clean Water