• Clean Water 21:00

October 27, 2014 Thank you to our Radio Partners

Cody Carlson has recently finished producing two new PSA radio spots for ZZhelpinghands.org. Thank you to Cody, along with Bill Wachter at Mytown Media and Mike Jenkins with Town Square Media for running these spots on 20+ radio stations in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. You can listen to the radio spots below. Thank you again to Mytown Media, Post Rock Radio and Town Square Media. Please feel free to contact us in the contact tab if you would be interested in running our PSA's on your stations this Fall.

  • Clean Water 21:00

Nga Vo

October 27, 2014   ZZ Pendana announces 2nd internship with

​Nga Vo

ZZ Pendana Foundation is pleased to announce that Nga Vo will be participating in an internship in January, 2015. Nga, a Senior at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin Missouri will be joining Executive Director- Don Schlesselman and fellow intern, Dusty Schlesselman on a trip to Tanzania Africa. Along with helping with distribution of water filter kits, Nga will be spending time with the staff and children at Camp Moses and Camp Joshua. Nga will be studying and observing health and nutritional processes at the LOHADA projects. (www.lohada.com) 

Nga is a Biology Pre-Med Major with a double minor in Chemistry and Environmental Science. After graduation from MSSU in December, 2015, Nga plans on joining the United States Air Force as an officer and will attend Graduate School to become a Physician Assistant in Emergency Medicine. We are happy to have Nga Vo aboard with us on our upcoming trip to Tanzania, Africa.

Dusty Schlesselman

October 1, 2014    ZZ Pendana announces internship

ZZ Pendana Foundation is pleased to announce that Dusty Schlesselman has accepted an internship with ZZhelpinghands.org for the fall semester, 2014. Responsibilities of Dusty's internship include a campaign to help raise funds to purchase and distribute water filter kits in Tanzania Africa, bring awareness to ZZPF various projects in Tanzania and to help develop a marketing plan for the foundation. Dusty will also join the Executive Director in December this year for a three week visit to Tanzania where he will visit several ZZPF projects, including Camp Moses, Camp Joshua and Hope for Children. Dusty will also help distribute water filter kits in the Arusha area of Tanzania.

October 3, 2014    Mission trip to Tanzania in Dec/2014

Don Schlesselman, Executive Director for ZZ Pendana Foundation, along with intern Dusty Schlesselman will travel to Arusha Tanzania in late 2014, early 2015. Our goal this fall is to raise funds to purchase 500 water filter kits that we can distribute on our visit. These water filter kits will purify up to 500 gallons of water per day, enough water for up to 50 children per day. Clean water for drinking, bathing and cooking. Life saving water!

We will also visit Camp Moses, Camp Joshua and Hope for Children. Another priority for ZZhelpinghands.org is to help secure sponsors for the many unsponsored children at these facilities that we partner with.

All travel expenses for the Executive Director and Dusty are paid personally out of pocket. ZZPF uses 100% of all donations towards the projects we are working on. We have no administrative overhead.

ZZ Pendana Foundation